Shivira Panchang 2023 PDF Download : शिविरा पंचांग कैलेंडर

Shivira Panchang 2023 PDF Download : शिविरा पंचांग कैलेंडर Calendar Panchang Month-wise Education Session 2023 All the new marks of the Camp magazine released by the Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan are available on this page, which you can also download. Shivira patrika Julai, published continuously since 1966

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It is a monthly magazine published from Rajasthan, Bikaner, Department of Secondary Education, Government of Rajasthan. Shivira Magazine (Shivira Patrika) is being published continuously since 1966. Monthly Order and Circulars of the Department of Education in Camp Patrika, guidelines on various schemes, articles on a number of teachers and education scholars, educational innovations and educational thinking compositions are regularly published. Shivira Panchang 2022-2023

Shivira Panchang 2022-2023 District-wise publication of facts like review of new published books, publication of co-educational activities conducted in school with the help of Shalapragan, cooperation provided by bureaucrats in schools etc. Recently, the compositions of students through children’s camp have also been started to be published in Shivira. Which is an innovation.

Shivira’s Monthly Special issue carries out the publication of the best compositions of educational thinking, Hindi poems, children’s literature and Rajasthani literature. Its collectible marks are released annually at teachers’ function held by the State Government in Jaipur on Teachers’ Day (September 5). The issue of the month of May and June of the camp magazine to be published every month is published in a combined form. Thus, a total of 11 marks in an academic year is regularly published by the Department of Education.

The editor’s circle makes a meaningful and regular effort to publish each issue of the camp magazine as a collectible issue for each academ. It has three category set for purchasing monthly camp magazine, each category rate is determined as follows: Shivira Panchang 2022-2023

Camp Personal Magazine – Rs. 75/- – Yearly
Magazine for Campa Government Institute – Rs. 150/- – Yearly
Camp For Non-State Institute Magazine – Rs. 200/- – Yearly

Shivira patrika is posted on postal address given by you from next month after receipt of the prescribed payment. It is sent to ordinary postal members on the 5th to 6th of every month. From where it is transmitted to you. No loss is the responsibility of the publishers.

Shivira Panchang 2023 PDF Download : शिविरा पंचांग कैलेंडर

-: Application Process :-

Any portal of the Department of Education (Education Department) such as Shala Darpan/ Access “Service Portal” by clicking on the link “Online Application for Shivira patrika) tab on the link “Online Application for Campa Magazine” on the secondary education website. Then follow the following procedure.

If the “menu tab” in the left side is not registered prior to, you should register yourself through the “Register Yourself” Menu tab. Once the registration process is complete, you can find that you can use the login ID/ID provided while registering through the given link “Login”. Login by password.

After doing “Site Login” you apply the Online magazine application with the “Apply for Service” link of the menu tab given on the left side. All information you complete during the application process is carefully.
Use the “Forgot Password” tab on the right on the home page in case you forget passwords etc. Select the customer type and the number of copies required monthly.

Application Termination / Application Termination Make online payment through state government payment portal “e-GRAS” through payment link given after printing application form. e-GRAS is an online payment process of the state government. Click on the link next to learn about e-GRAS in detail – Shivira Panchang 2021 PDF Download : शिविरा पंचांग कैलेंडर