Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Level-1st Recruitment 2020

Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Level-1st Recruitment 2020 / रीट 31,000 पदो की भर्ती की सूचना Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Recruitment 2020, REET Third Grade Teacher Jobs 2020, Rajasthan Grade-III Teacher Vacancy 2020 REET Level First & Second Online form before Last Date 2020 at- education.rajasthan.gov.in

Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Exams The first level of Reat has been released on Wednesday night. All candidates who gain at least 60 percentage points in the test have been declared qualifiers. 2 lakh 8 thousand 877 candidates were registered for this test. Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Level-1st Recruitment 2020 पदो की भर्ती की सूचना

The Reat examination was conducted on February 11 by the secondary board of Education. 54 thousand third class teachers are to be recruited through Reat in the state. Reat First Level examination was organised for recruitment of teachers from Class A to fifth. Teachers will be recruited through the Reat II level to teach in class from six to VIII.

64, 824 candidates eligible
A total of 2 lakh 8 thousand 877 students were registered in Reat exam. Of these, 1 lakh 83 thousand joined the 556 candidates exam. Of these, 64 thousand 824 candidate have been declared eligible. The total pass percentage is 35.31. The test included a total of 84 thousand 913 male candidate. Of these, 32 thousand 191 were declared eligible. The percentage of them was 37.91 per cent. Women’s candidate 98, 643 Shamal Hui. Among them 32, 633. The percentage they passed was 33.08. The result of Reat has been made available on the Web portal.

Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Level-1st Recruitment 2020 पदो की भर्ती की सूचना

was before Artet The Artet examination was initiated in Rajasthan after the central government’s teacher eligibility test was implemented. The examination was made twice in the then Congress Raj. The duration of its certificate was six years. The current BJP government started the reat exam in place of artet. The same exam is required for teacher recruitment. Through this examination there will be a recruitment of 54 thousand third class teachers.

Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Recruitment 2020, REET Third Grade Teacher Jobs 2020, Rajasthan Grade-III Teacher Vacancy 2020

Long after recruitment The recruitment of third-class teachers in the state will be long. Under the PRI institutions in the Congress Raj, the district councils were given rights to teacher recruitment. The BJP government has launched a teacher recruitment through reat instead of the district Council. In the first level, eighth from

Recruitment for third class teachers in Rajasthan through Elijibiliti recruitment exam for teacher (REET). There have been several new provisions in this test. Under the new system, the candidates will get the number on the competition exam as well as the points achieved during education.
Under the new arrangement, there will be no exams at the district Council level. The state Government will only recruit teachers through REET. Based on the preference given by candidates, they will be given appointments in different districts.

REET 54000 Teacher Recruitment 2020, REET 3rd Grade Level-1 & Level-2 Vacancy 2020 हज़ार पदो की सूचना देखे

There has been no change in the standards of qualification in the exam. In the case of recruitment of grade third teachers, level-1 has been the standard of B.Ed with graduating for class-I as well as Biestisi and level-2 for teacher of classes 6 to 8. Provision of REET 2020 Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Level-1st Recruitment 2020 / रीट 31,000 पदो की भर्ती की सूचना

60% marks added of REET
40 per cent higher secondary, graduating, Biestisi and B.Ed added
There will be no exams at the district Council level.

Uniraj BA Part 1st, 2nd, 3rd Result 2020 – यूनिराज बीए 1st, 2nd, 3rd रिजल्ट

Uniraj BA Part 1st, 2nd, 3rd Result 2020 – यूनिराज बीए 1st, 2nd, 3rd रिजल्ट Rajasthan University Results Name Wise RU Jaipur BA Result is available at Uniraj portal. Rajasthan University BA Results. All appeared students (Regular and Private) can check exam Result. Name Wise Uniraj BA 3rd Year result.uniraj.ac.in

Uniraj BA Part 1st, 2nd, 3rd Result 2020 – यूनिराज बीए 1st, 2nd, 3rd रिजल्ट

Rajasthan University BA first year exam results 2020

Rajasthan University will issue results of B a first year test in June. Shri B L Gupta, examination modulators officer of Rajasthan University has paid special attention to the issue at the correct time. it is also the task of doing paper checks and issuing results. It is estimated that the Rajasthan University will issue all the results until June 15, 2020. To check result you must go to the Uniraj’s official website uniraj.ac.in.

Click here for Rajasthan University result 2020 for BA Final Year 2020

Uniraj BA Part 1st Notice required for all students: if you have a lower number of Ivailayueshan you have come to see after you check the Rajasthan University BA first year exam result 2018 or you want to re-check your marks, you can fill out the re-checking form or re-form of Rajasthan University. Is। We will continue to notify you about date of form filling.

  • विश्वविद्यालय का नाम: राजस्थान विश्वविद्यालय या UNIRAJ, जयपुर
  • परीक्षा का नाम: यूजी की वार्षिक परीक्षा 2020
  • कोर्स का नाम: बैचलर ऑफ आर्ट्स यानी बीए प्रथम वर्ष
  • सत्र का वर्ष: 2020
  • श्रेणी का नाम: विवि का परीक्षा परिणाम 2020
  • UNIRAJ बीए भाग 1 परीक्षा तिथि २०१८: मार्च से मई 2020
  • UNIRAJ बीए प्रथम वर्ष का परीक्षाफल दिनांक २०१८: जून 2020
  • आधिकारिक वेबसाइट: www.uniraj.ac.in

Rajasthan University BA Part 1 results 2020, RU BA first year results, Yuoar BA first test result according to name.

Rajasthan University March/April In April every year at the month held UG examination and the official website on June/September. Declared results in July month. We hope this year the authority will be announced to 2018 Ru BA first year results in the month of June-July 2019. Uniraj BA Part 1st They are students who are now attempting to test BA Part 1, they are awaiting their Rajasthan University BA results 2020.

UNIRAJ Result BA Results

  • Log on to the official website of Rajasthan University or click on the link given below.
  • After that, search for the link to “UNIRAJ Result 2020.”
  • Submit” and you will see your Rajasthan University BA 1st Year Result 2019 on the screen.
  • Click “Save” and take a printout of it if you need it.
  • Now, choose your course i.e. BA 1st Year Result 2020.”
  • Thereafter, enter the required details like BA Part 1 Roll Number, Name, DOB, etc.

We are informed to all students that the university will be issued uniraj BA Part 1, a result of 2020 on the official website within two months of the examination date. If you provide any further information about the student exam result, students can visit the official web portal uniraj.ac.in.
Bus ३२००० Complete your MBA only

University of Rajasthan BA first year results 2020

The large number of private, regular, non-college and alumni have been implemented in UG BA First year exam 2020 in the month of March-April 2020 at various examination centres. Now at this time all the applicants are waiting their BA 1 result 2020 very anxiously. Candidate University is very excited to show BA exam results 2020 and exam performance. We need all those students who have taken part in this BA exam, they have some patience. The University of Rajasthan will be uploading its RU BA first year results on the official web portal in the month of June-July 2020. We’ll then update it as mentioned below after releasing the official web portal. So all students are connected and connected to us and our web page in relation to the latest updates.

e-kuber portal rajasthan – ई-कुबेर पोर्टल माध्यम से ई-भुगतान

e-kuber portal rajasthan – ई-कुबेर पोर्टल माध्यम से ई-भुगतान e-Kuber is the Core Banking Solution of Reserve Bank of India ऑनलाइन भुगतान ई कुबेर पोर्टल से

What is e-Kuber

  • e-Kuber is the Core Banking Solution of Reserve Bank of India.
  • Core Banking Solutions (CBS) can be defined as a solution that enables banks to offer a multitude of customer-centric services on a 24×7 basis from a single location, supporting retail as well as corporate banking activities, as well as all possible delivery channels existing and proposed.
  • E-Kuber provides the provision of a single current accountfor each bank across the country, with decentralised access to this account from anywhere-anytime using portal based services in a safe manner.
  • The centralisation thus makes a “one-stop” shop for financial services a reality. e-kuber portal rajasthan
  • Using CBS, customers can access their accounts from any branch, anywhere, irrespective of where they have physically opened their accounts. Source:RBI

ई-कुबेर पोर्टल से 10 मिनटों में खाते में पहुंचेगा वेतन

e-kuber portal rajasthan अब कोषागार में ई-कुबेर प्रणाली योजना प्रभावी कर दिया गया है। ई कुबरे पोर्टल से अब किसी भी विभाग का वेतन व पेंशन मिनटों में खाते में पहुंच जाएगा। । वर्तमान में विभिन्न विभागों को खातों में धन भेजने में कम से कम चौबीस घंटे लगते थे और नेटवर्क स्लो रहने की आए दिन परेशानी अलग होती थी। अब इस पोर्टल के जरिए इस तरह की समस्या नहीं रहेगी। अब शासन इस नई व्यवस्था यानी ई कुबेर प्रणाली से सिस्टम को जोड़ देगी। इसके बाद स्टेट बैंक से संबद्धता खत्म हो जाएगी। आसानी से सारा कार्य कोषागार से ही संचालित किया जाएगा। कोषागार स्टेट बैंक की साइट पर काम करता है। इसी पर समस्त विभागों के डीडीओ सहित अन्य लोग भी काम करते थे। इसके बाद यह कोषागार में जाता था। कोषागार के बाबू इसे पास कर मुख्य कोषाधिकारी के यहां भेजते थे। मुख्य कोषाधिकारी पूरी जांच पड़ताल के बाद रिजर्व बैंक को पैसा फारवर्ड करते हैं। यहां से अनुमति मिलने पर पैसा सभी के खातों में भेजा जाता था। ऐसे में नेट स्लो रहने पर कई-कई घंटे लग जाते थे। इसकी वजह से लोगों के खाते तक धन पहुंचने में कम से कम 24 घंटे से अधिक का समय लग जाता था और कार्य भी अधिक करना पड़ता था। अगर नेट स्लो है तो और भी स्थिति विकट हो जाती थी। केवल वेतन भेजने में ही दो से चार दिन लग जाता था। इसी फजीहत को देखते हुए शासन ने सीधे खातों में धन भेजने का निर्णय लिया है। अब कोषाधिकारी ही सीधे खाते में धन भेज देंगे।

ई-कुबेर प्रणाली से यह होंगे लाभ :::

-समय से लोगों के खातों में पहुंचेगा धन

-नेट स्लो रहने पर भी नहीं होगी दिक्कत

-कई फाइलें इकट्ठा होने पर ट्रांसफार्मर में नहीं होगी दिक्कत

e kuber rajasthan taning video :PAY MANAGER में E KUBER क्या करना, मोबाइल से Paymanager पर DDO ID को E-Kuber पोर्टल हेतु update, E kuber 1, E kuber 2 Soure YouTube Video

The new procedure for online payment in state affairs through RBI’s e-Kuber portal will commence from 22nd October. The process will be for the Treasurer Ajmer (Ay sub-sac) and its associated Drawal distribution officers.

District Treasurer Ram Kishore Meena said that at present, government transactions are carried out by the Reserve Bank of India through the bank’s platform. The role of agency bank in Drawal of government funds will be eliminated once the E-kuber system is implemented. The Treasury will be able to transact money directly through the RBI. Detailed details and guidelines on this process have been issued to all the Drawal distribution officers and deputy treasurer of Ajmer.

e-kuber portal rajasthan – ई-कुबेर पोर्टल माध्यम से ई-भुगतान

He said that it is mandatory to register the mobile number of the withdrawal distribution officer and the DDO master data on e-scum ID, si-manager, PRI, si-manager. In the absence of this, the bill for payment of E-kuber/ Payment advice will not be processed. In case of any difficulty in this regard, the Treasury can be approached from Ajmer.